Summer Landing

Math in the school holidays that is fun and engaging!

5 fun ways you can keep your child’s mind engaged this summer

In the Kitchen

Cooking provides lots of opportunities for learning about math and how to follow instructions and procedures.

Younger children can help with making food and older children can learn to follow recipes or instructions on packets and cook independently. The language of fractions and measurement will come out as you talk about making things together.

Going Places

It is easy to turn “going somewhere” into a maths experience by being on the lookout for numbers, shapes and patterns.

These types of activities help to raise the awareness of mathematics in the environment and encourage your children to notice and figure out things. It can be practice of things they know or a challenge. A notebook in the car or in your bag can be a place where you ask them to write things down you notice as you are “going places.”


Reading with our children is an important support for their literacy learning but it can also be a wonderful opportunity to support their mathematics learning at the same time. You can choose books to read aloud that have stories about counting and shape and time. You can listen for the chances to explore maths in the books your children read to you.

In the Garden

It’s not just dirt and worms and weeds, there are lots of numbers lurking in the garden. Spending time with our children in the garden is a wonderful experience and an opportunity to explore and learn about plants and animals and also maths!


A trip to the supermarket is a perfect opportunity to do some maths together no matter what the age your children.

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