Programme and Costs

The three service deliveries of EducateMaths, meet the needs of not only the students but also busy parents; Direct 1 hr sessions, Skype video 1 hr sessions and Online Independent.

The programs I use are the best I have found to grow student achievement levels and confidence in Math.

Maths Whizz is designed for students up to 13 years of age, however, it is also ideal for students older than 13 years who have gaps in their maths knowledge.

LiveWireLearning is for students who are achieving at their expected age level in Maths or above. The program is more formal than Maths Whizz. Students work their way through the curriculum areas informing them whether they are achieving the standard or above (displaying Achieved, Merit or Excellence).

Students can enrol in these two programs, independent of EducateMaths.
HOWEVER – Parents of my students, have found that with my teaching knowledge and experience, I am the best person to help their child when their child gets stuck on a maths concept, or the best person to advise their child – what they should study next to help them achieve at school. Some parents have told me that they are more than happy for me to take over their ‘parent maths help’ role at home and that they no longer have arguments about maths at home.

Programme 1
Guided at Learning Centre or Online
 (by Skype or other).
Maximum of 5 students per group

Duration: 1 hour  –  Week Days Monday to Friday
Fees: $40.00 per hour per student.
1:1 sessions can be arranged – fee $80.00 per hour.

Guided session Includes assessment, learning facilitation and support, follow-up online activities, communication with students and parent/caregiver, and regular reports on activity, achievement and progress.

To inquire about Guided learning place your communication details including email in the Enrol tab expressing Guided Learning (Learning Centre or Online). You will receive an email from me

Programme 2

Online Facilitation and Monitoring only                                                         Students access their unique maths learning portal and follow programme delivered.

Student results and achievements are monitored. Where 1:1 intervention is required, parent/caregivers are contacted to discuss learning issues and agreement for 1:1 intervention.

Fees:  $15.00 per week.
Includes 5 hrs of FREE intervention if required by telephone, Skype or HangOut. Intervention usually incurs an extra fee of $17.50 per 15 minutes.


EducateNZ Terms

Term 1

  • Starts between Monday 1 February and Tuesday 7 February
  • Ends Thursday 13 April.

Term 2

  • Starts Monday 1 May
  • Ends Friday 7 July.

Term 3

  • Starts Monday 24 July
  • Ends Friday 29 September.

Term 4

  • Starts Monday 16 October
  • Ends no later than Friday 15 December for secondary and composite schools
  • Ends no later than Wednesday 20 December for primary and intermediate schools.

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Hi. I’m Steve Cornelius

During my time as an educator with over 30+ years’ experience, I have been a classroom teacher, a Principal of three Schools and the Manager of Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour.

I work currently out of a Red Beach Primary School providing direct maths tutoring for students who need that extra learning to boost maths progress and confidence. I have been having a great deal of success in improving maths achievement levels for students. One of my independent on-line students (who does not see me directly), has progressed her maths achievement level nearly 3 years in 21 months and is now achieving above her Actual Age in Math. 

I am able to support students through ‘live video feed’ when they have a particular ‘struggle/frustration’ in math. Parents have found this very useful preventing many family math conflicts.

If I was to be asked what my biggest takeaway would be when teaching/tutoring students it would be:

“My biggest thrill is to see the smile on a student’s face when they have succeeded at something they thought was impossible.”