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  • Are a current student with EducateMaths and you need help with your learning
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Sessions are currently timetabled for 30 minutes and are conducted by Telephone or Conference Call.

These sessions are made available:

  • To support current EducateMaths students in their maths learning
  • To meet the needs of Parents/Caregivers who are looking for maths Tutoring to progress the achievement levels of their loved ones.
  • To discuss Opportunities to Become a Math Tutor with EducateMaths

Initial one-off sessions – complimentary.
Where ongoing support is required for maths learning, fees will be applied (See Programme and Costs).
When a fee is to be applied, Parent/Caregivers will be advised.

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Hi. I’m Steve Cornelius

During my time as an educator with over 30+ years’ experience, I have been a classroom teacher, a Principal of three Schools and the Manager of Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour.

I work currently out of a Red Beach Primary School providing direct maths tutoring for students who need that extra learning to boost maths progress and confidence. I have been having a great deal of success in improving maths achievement levels for students. One of my independent on-line students (who does not see me directly), has progressed her maths achievement level nearly 3 years in 21 months and is now achieving above her Actual Age in Math. 

I am able to support students through ‘live video feed’ when they have a particular ‘struggle/frustration’ in math. Parents have found this very useful preventing many family math conflicts.

If I was to be asked what my biggest takeaway would be when teaching/tutoring students it would be:

“My biggest thrill is to see the smile on a student’s face when they have succeeded at something they thought was impossible.”